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Services: Gear Specialists & General Engineering

A specialist gear and engineering company, equally able to produce 1 or 1000 components. We deal with breakdowns, renovations, one off specials and bespoke gears.  All we need is a sample or drawing of the component requiredBespoke gear cutting and engineering

Broadoak possess a wide portfolio of experience across a number of different industries, including:
Wallpaper manufacturers:
The Tufting industry:
Printing industry:
Packaging industry:
Automotive: Gear box refurbishments, Historic vehicle restorations, Specialist car & motorbike racing products.

Broadoak offer a bespoke service & are able to manufacture all types of gears including:

Internal & External Spines:
Racks & Pinions:
Worms & Worm wheels:
Special Sprockets:
Timing Pulleys:
Re-bore & Keyways:
Broaching & Slotting:
Sub Contract Finishing:
Grinding & Hardening:

In addition Broadoak can renovate a variety of gearbox systems & manufacture general engineering components.

Capacity list.
Daewoo CNC Lathe with 12 Capacity
Doosan CNC Lathe
Doosan Puma CNC Lathe
Harrison M500 Centre Lathe
Herbert Capstan Lathe
2 x Sykes V10B Gear Shapers
Sykes V10C Gear Shaper
Sykes V400 Gear Shaper
2 x Drummond Maxicut Gear Shaper
2 x Liebherr 401 Gear Hobber
David Brown MT30 Gear Hobber
2 x Sykes HV14 Gear Hobber
Pfauter Gear Hobber
2 x Micron Gear Hobber
Sunderland 19 Gear Planer
Sunderland 5 Gear Planer
Pratt & Witney Worm Miller
Gleason Bevel Cutter
Hurco VM10i CNC Vertical Mill
Bridgeport Universal Mill with DRO
Elliot Universal Mill With DRO
3 x Davis Keyseater with capacity to 1
2 x Vertical Slotter
Jones & Shipman Surface Grinder
Jones & Shipman Cylindrical Grinder
Startrite Horizontal Bandsaw
4 Head Drill Station with Tapping Facility

Hey Tooth Rounder
Media Blast Cabinet
Various Gear Testing Equipment

You can rely on Broadoak Gears for a quick competitive quote & friendly service.

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